CMPF2015: Documenting as Method

CMPF2015: Documenting as Method

MAIN EXHIBITION l Documenting as Method : Photography in Southeast Asia

Curator: Zhuang Wubin

Our understanding of photography in Southeast Asia is inflicted by the reductive binary of photography versus art, which morphs into the other binary of straight photographers versus artists who use photography. Documenting as Method: Photography in Southeast Asia proposes a renewed focus on the process of documenting as a productive means to move beyond these reductive binaries, which have resulted in the amnesia of many practitioners from this region, at least since the 1950s.

Featuring works created from 1958 to the present moment, the 13 artists from Southeast Asia selected here approach documenting as method in three overlapping ways: documenting as looking and thinking; documenting as cataloguing; documenting as world-making. In parallel and diverging ways, they use photography as an embodied and embedded medium to experience realities or to create fantasies.

Rong Wong-savun (Thailand)
Pramuan Burusphat (Thailand)
Noi Satirat Damampai (Thailand)
Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah (Malaysia)
Hoo Fan Chon (Malaysia)
Chng Seok Tin (Singapore)
Chua Chye Teck (Singapore)
Toh Hun Ping (Singapore)
Deden Hendan Durahman (Indonesia)
Geric Cruz (The Philippines)
Nguyen Quoc Thanh (Vietnam)
Po Po (Myanmar)
Vandy Rattana (Cambodia)



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