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Shadow People


A project that processes and explores the fundamental concept of identity amidst the complex era of Post Truth. The works within this project delve into the dimensions of identity and how we present ourselves to the world using external elements such as clothing, jewelry, hairstyles, and many others. This project reflects on how identity fabrication can become the fabrication of reality or even replace the quintessence of identity. In a world where narratives are often blurred, we highlight how these external elements can create false mirrors of ourselves.

Through the interplay of shadows, light, and contrast, these works reveal the tension between the extension of identity and the true essence. The silhouette formed poses questions about what is real and what is constructed. The concept of “Post Truth” inspires this exploration, prompting viewers to contemplate the complexity of identity in a world dominated by projection and limitless image fabrication.

In bringing these external elements into focus, we can ask: does this reflection truly represent ourselves, or does it blur the original identity? The fabrication of identity becomes the fabrication of reality, replacing the essence of self, and we, as humans, tend to normalize it.